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LA Based Alternative/Indie Rock Band

Friends since preschool, Tobias Holenstein and Bruce Hector make new and exciting music as a two-man alternative/indie rock band. Tobias leads the group with guitar and vocals. Utilizing a homemade system, he pumps out music through both guitar and bass amps. With the skill of a mad scientist, he uses an array of loops and effects to fill a musical spectrum beyond what you would expect of a two-piece group. Bruce ties everything together with blasting drumbeats and back up vocals.

The group released a five song EP in 2013 titled "Subtle Expressions" and has most recently, as of 2014, released two singles. One titled "Trompe L'oeil" and the other titled "Silence Said It All". All of which can be downloaded from the bands BandCamp page for free.

Ace Bandits have performed all over California, especially the LA area, including the Sunset Strip. The band has played several big name venues such as, The Viper Room, The Knitting Factory (before it closed), House Of Blues (Foundation Room) and The Rainbow Bar & Grill (AKA The Rainbow Room).

Ace Bandits' sound can be described as having vocal elements similar to Adam Lazzara of "Taking Back Sunday", while having some musical elements that resemble the electronic sound of MGMT, with a modern rock feel.

Portrait of Ace Bandits members Tobias and Bruce
Tobias (l) and Bruce (r)